How to Win a Short Story Competition

know, I know, I’ve been away for yonks and now when I finally come back I’m begging for your help with something. It’s rude and undignified but I’m a cute little girl so I can get away with it right? Right?? Why else would I be? Certainly not for all the sekuhara.

How to not be a one hit wonder

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How to Create a Giraffe

The following is a sketch script I wrote for a challenge on Please check out my account there and support me. With enough attention and likes my work might be featured in short films and other final, already-funded productions.

Writing Wednesday: The Damsel’s Interview

The lights shine in my face and I try to remember that this time I chose to be here. Fate of the world, and all that. I used to think that was just an expression. Opposite me is Richard Gupta, floating in a lounging position, which I know he is doing to taunt me for my disability. ‘I can fly and you can’t’.

Phase 4

I’ve taken to watching The Crown on Netflix. I don’t normally like period shows but I feel this one has been presented in modern fashion, in terms of the writing, and it’s easy to digest. The acting is also fantastic; Matt Smith as Prince Phillip and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. One thing I couldn’t help…